01.-02. Oktober 2021, ResonanzWerk, Oberhausen

Festival Stream Samstag

Erstellt von: Marc · 02.10.2021

Auch heute wird es wieder mit freundlicher Unterstützung vom Resonanzwerk einen Livestream für alle geben, welche es nicht zum Festival schaffen konnten!


Two days of finest Folk and Pagan Metal, barrels of mead and the greatest party since 2019! The Mead & Greed Festival has finally returned!

Obscurity, Finsterforst, Thorondir and many more will bring you the live music you’ve been missing for so long. In front of a real audience made of flesh and blood in the Resonanzwerk in Oberhausen, but streamed worldwide, the return of the mead-soaked metal and folk-rock party in its third edition. So get some mead, fill your horns and party with us from wherever you’re watching!

Saturday, October 2nd:
2:50pm – Introduction
3:00pm – Cantus Levitas (Gig)
3:45pm – Interview with Kultasiipi
4:10pm – Crusade of Bards (Gig)
4:55pm – Interview with Cantus Levitas
5:20pm – Kultasiipi (Gig)
6:05pm – Interview with Finsterforst
6:30pm – Brachmond (Gig)
7:30pm – Interview with Crusade of Bards
7:55pm – Finsterforst (Gig)
8:55pm – Interview with Brachmond & Outro